• Forever way to Poland /Erasmus 2022
      • Forever way to Poland /Erasmus 2022

      • 21.09.2022 10:21
      • Different experiences from our erasmus friends from their way to Poland. #Erasmus+ #Poland #mobility #eUropeanFellowshipforDigitalCitizienship #newfriendships #studentexchange #Sulecin #highschoolexchange
      • 18 September 2022-Sulecin.

         Every year we do a project, called Erasmus+. This project help people to all over the word to meet eachoter, creating in this way beautiful friendship. We are very excited for this adventure, so every person from the different countries will give to you an opinion and the feelings about the trip.

        ITALY/ Liceo classico Da Vigo Rapallo

        Yesterday I`ve left my city, Rapallo, at 3.a.m.. I was very excited to start this project. I arrived in Bergamo, and then we took the airplane and we arrive to Berlin. After other 2 hours we arrived finally in Sulecin, I like this city, it`s very different from mine. Houses are different, monuments are different, also the temperature is very different (I`ve passed from 23 degrees to 15!). I`m so happy to be here and to live all the beautiful experience programmed for this trip.

        SPAIN/ IES Augustobriga

        For me the trip was long because i wanted to be here as soon as possible because i was so excited. I think that Poland is a good place with beautiful people! A thing that caught a lot my attention was the weather because in Spain was almost like 30 degrees and when I came to Poland the weather was completly different.

        GREECE/ 1lyk-Edessas Nikolaos Oikonomides 

        When we got at the airport there was a delay with our flight but the trip was alright even throught it was very tiring even though we got to Poland very late < around 1am > Besides the trip we think Poland is an amazing place and we are very happy and excited to be here and make new friends.

        ROMANIA/ Liceul cu Program Sportiv Suceava

        I thought it was very intresting trip because before we got here we vitited other cities,for example I went and visited Auschwitz and then I visited Krakow for a few houres. From a historical point of view, visiting Auschwitz seemed much more intresting to me. Until now, Poland seemed to me very beautiful country.

        POLAND/ Liceum Ogólnokształcące w Sulęcinie

        All host polish families were really excited to meet guests from other countries. When people from Erasmus arrived, we had a chance to know them more. They made a great first impression on us. Also we can't wait to do a lot of activities together and make new friendships.


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